Tuesday, 10 June 2014


Howdy! This blog is an experiment and a place to store the adventures of Henry's coat. My dad bought Henry his first Patagonia down jacket when he was born last year on September 4th, 2013. The coat kept him toasty and warm all winter in Brooklyn, NY until he outgrew it. Our family loves Patagonia gear and after watching these movies I was inspired to start an experiment. I gave the coat to my good friend Kathleen whose baby is due this summer, along with a "log book" for its owners to record the baby's information, and instructions to email me a photo for this blog and pass the jacket on to another baby when done. We'll see how far the coat travels, and what stories it gathers!

To get started, here's a photo of Henry proudly wearing his coat (and Patagonia hat too!) This winter was super harsh in NYC but the coat kept Henry toasty warm and barely a day went by without him wearing it on an adventure around our neighbourhood.

Henry, Brooklyn, NY
February 2014